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Government open consultation for supporting housing delivery and public service infrastructure

The consultation is open to a wide range of interested parties and the general public.

The consultation specifically seeks views on: a proposed new Permitted Development Right for the change of use from Commercial, Business and Service use, which is likely to include all types of commercial buildings from light industrial, retail, cafes to community uses (now falling within Class E) to residential use to create new homes, measures to support public service infrastructure through the planning system, and the approach to simplifying and consolidating existing permitted development rights following changes to the Use Classes Order.

We welcome this first step to firstly release a range of underutilized commercial and business buildings to be releases for much needed housing. We also support the initiative to simplify the permitted development rights that allow for various change of uses, in light of the simplified use classes.

Kent Planning Constancy Ltd will actively monitor the progress of the consultation and are happy to advise landlords, land owners or any other interested parties on its development and how this may help.

Please submit an enquiry on your circumstances, where we will be happy to discuss your current options and how this may affect you.



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