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New Planning Regulations on Commercial to Residential coming this summer

There is a new Permitted Development (PD) right which would allow for a change of use from commercial, business and service uses (Class E) to residential use (C3) in England from 1 August 2021

This follows the "Planning for the Future white paper" and consultation on the new regulations themselves. These changes will allow for such uses as convenience stores, crèches, pharmacies, gyms, retail shops, solicitors and post offices that can change to residential housing. We welcome flexibility for such a change of use where appropriate and to help meet the much needed housing demand and better utilise redundant or underutilised spaces more innovatively. The proposals will likely require a Prior Approval submission which is a 56 day process to the relevant Council for the change of use and this will require compliance on a number of matters, including previous usage, space standards, right to light and noise and amenity etc. to be considered permitted development. If you are a commercial landlord or owner and wish to discuss these future changes and opportunities, then please get in touch with our Planning Director, Thijs Bax.



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