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Government Announces New Permitted Development Rights for the Demolition of Buildings & Construction

  1. Demolition of buildings and construction of new homes

A new Class ZA Permitted Development Right has been announced, for the demolition of office, research or light industrial buildings and allows for their replacement by either a single purpose-built detached block of flats, or a purpose-built detached dwelling houses.

This right also permits the new building to be up to two storeys higher than the existing building it replaces.

The right specifically relates to either:

  • A single purpose-built detached block of flats, and

  • Any single detached building established for:

    • Office use within Class B1(a);

    • Research and development within Class B1(b); or

    • Industrial process within Class B1(c).

There are some restrictions on this right and of particular note, where the above Class ZA development will not apply, are the following:

  • If the old building was constructed after 31 December 1989;

  • If the building is listed;

  • If the footprint of the building exceeds 1,000 square meters; and

  • Unless the old building has been vacant for at least 6 months immediately prior to the application for prior approval.

Any developer must apply to the local planning authority for prior approval, with a range of matters open for consideration including the design of the building, its external appearance, impact on the neighbouring amenity and notably, the provision of natural light in habitable rooms of each new house or flat.

You can access and download the Class ZA checklist we have prepared below, which can be used for guidance to assess whether your Site or Building may benefit from the new right.

If you would like to understand these rights, or have a building which you are exploring for alternative uses or seek to redevelop, get in touch with our Planning Director Thijs Bax or a member of the team today, who can advise and guide you on the above or any other development needs.

This PD right omits sites in Designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Conservation Areas, or Listed Buildings.

Class ZA Checklist KPC Ltd
Download PDF • 114KB



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